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Selected publications

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Student Learning

Written assessment and machine learning

  • Carter, K. P., & Prevost, L. B. (2018). Question order and student understanding of structure and function. Advances in Physiology Education, 42(4), 576–585.

  • Prevost, L. B., Smith, M. K., & Knight, J. K. (2016). Using Student Writing and Lexical Analysis to Reveal Student Thinking about the Role of Stop Codons in the Central Dogma. CBE—Life Sciences Education, 15(4), ar65.

Business Meeting

Faculty teaching interactions

Faculty professional development, conversations and interactions around teaching

  • Couch, B. A., Prevost, L. B., Stains, M., Whitt, B., Marcy, A. E., Apkarian, N., Dancy, M. H., Henderson, C., Johnson, E., Raker, J., Yik, B. J., Earl, B., Shadle, S. E., Skvoretz, J., & Ziker, J. P. (2023). Examining whether and how instructional coordination occurs within introductory undergraduate STEM courses. Frontiers in Education, 8, 209.

  • Lane, A. K., Earl, B., Feola, S., Lewis, J. E., McAlpin, J. D., Mertens, K., Shadle, S. E., Skvoretz, J., Ziker, J. P., Stains, M., Couch, B. A., & Prevost, L. B. (2022). Context and content of teaching conversations: exploring how to promote sharing of innovative teaching knowledge between science faculty. International Journal of STEM Education, 9, 53.

  • Lane, A. K., Mcalpin, J. D., Earl, B., Feola, S., Lewis, J. E., Mertens, K., Shadle, S. E., Skvoretz, J., Ziker, J. P., Couch, B. A., Prevost, L. B., & Stains, M. (2020). Innovative teaching knowledge stays with users. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 10–12.

  • Zagallo, P., McCourt, J., Idsardi, R., Smith, M. K., Urban-Lurain, M., Andrews, T. C., Haudek, K., Knight, J. K., Merrill, J., Nehm, R., Prevost, L. B., & Lemons, P. P. (2019). Through the Eyes of Faculty: Using Personas as a Tool for Learner-Centered Professional Development. CBE—Life Sciences Education, 18(4), ar62.


4-Dimensional Ecology Education Framework

Ecology instruction and assessment

  • Prevost, L., Sorensen, A. E., Doherty, J. H., Ebert‐May, D., & Pohlad, B. (2019). 4DEE - What’s next? Designing instruction and assessing student learning. The Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, 100(3), e01552.

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