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I am majoring in Microbiology and minoring in Public Health with interest in attending grad school for a PhD in Epidemiology. My research interest is to investigate how language used in ecology and biology textbooks leads to misconceptions in students' understanding of matter and energy conservation.

The goal of my research is to investigate student understanding of core concepts in physiology.  I am also interested in understanding the factors (cognitive and non-cognitive) which influence achievement in human anatomy and physiology courses. 

I am interested in how active learning can be utilized to  help students understand complex concepts, especially matter and energy. My research is based on how non-science majors can have a better understanding of matter and energy flow by using active learning activities in small discussion groups. 

Margaurete Romero​​, MS

Kelli Carter, MS

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Dr. Luanna Prevost

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I am interested in how students learn biology, and improving biology instruction and student outcomes. My research projects vary from analyzing student writing to graduate student professional development.

Prevost Lab at USF

I am currently working on content analysis with Biology/Ecology education textbooks and text analysis using IBM SPSS Modeler. In Spring 2015, I will also begin my Honors thesis working on the USF Plant Species Catalog. After I graduate, I will be pursuing my Masters degree in Plant Biology.

Kirsti was recently awarded a prestigious Barry M. Goldwater scholarship for proposed studies on the possible legacy effect of a Midwestern invasive freshwater plant species, Myriophyllum spicatum that might be affecting present invasive species management practices. Congratulations Kirsti!! 

Andrea Espina

Kirsti Martinez​

I have always loved animals and have been fascinated with them ever since I was little. So naturally, I found myself a home in the Dept. of Integrative Biology. My research interests cover plant-pollinator relationships of Andean hummingbirds, Parasitic isopod biogeography,

and anole-parasite relationships of West-Central Florida.

I am looking forward to attending graduate school in the future and getting my Ph.D in evolutionary biology and ecology, continuing with my research and taking on teaching as a professor. I joined the Prevost lab because I think education in science (particularly biology) is very important across all curricula.

Bryan Macneil

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