Seminar title
Aug 24

Brad Oberle

New College

The Botany of Climate Change: Global and Local perspectives
Aug 31

Catarina Lira

Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro

Genetic and epigenetic studies for plant biodiversity and conservation at JBRJ
Sept 7

Sept 14Siv Watkins
New Mexico Tech

Keeping Cannabis healthy: a story about science, social work and green chile


Sept 21

Sarah Sheffield
University of South Florida

Insights into evolutionary relationships based on reinterpretations of morphology
Sept 28

Richard Hall

University of Georgia

Are easy meals diseasy meals? Modeling the consequences of food supplementation for animal movement and infection risk
Oct 5

Ross Nehm

Stonybrook University

Student Thinking about Evolution: Concepts, Coherence, and Competence
Oct 12

Curtis Lively

Indiana University Bloomington

Through the looking glass: host-parasite coevolution and sex
Oct 19

Michael McKain

University of Alabama Tuscaloosa

Phylogenomics and genome evolution of ecologically dominant grasses
Oct 26

Raul Diaz

Southeastern Louisiana University

Evolution and development of chameleon limbs: from phylogenetic trees to climbing trees
Nov 2

Dustin Rubenstein

Columbia University

Social and genome evolution in snapping shrimp
Nov 9

Mauricio Arias

University of South Florida

Impacts of Hydrological Alterations in the Mekong Floodplain Ecosystems
Nov 16

Gordon Fox

University of South Florida

Toward a theory of landscape demography
Nov 23No seminar: Thanksgiving
Nov 30

Susan White

NC Sea Grant

Bridging Science & Society
Dec 7

George Philippidis

University of South Florida

Biology: The Renewable Resource of Energy and Materials

USF Integrative Biology Seminars, Fall 2017

Thursdays at 3:30


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