Fall 2019


Sep 05

Brad Gemmell

USF - Integrative Biology

It’s a fluid situation: Adaptive strategies for feeding and moving in the marine environment
Sep 12

KT Scott 

USF - Integrative Biology

The "endless forms most beautiful" of carbon dioxide uptake by bacteria, are not the "simple a beginning" one might anticipate (apologies to Darwin)

Sep 19

No seminar

Sep 26

Hollie Putnam

University of Rhode Island

​Avenues of marine invertebrate acclimatization in response to rapid environmental change

Oct 03

Nathan Doorn

Florida Atlantic University

Hydrological disturbance diminishes predator control in a large wetland

Oct 10

Alan Wilson

​Auburn University

Consequences of nutrient enrichment and herbivore adaptation for phytoplankton in lakes

Oct 17

No seminar

Oct 24

Chris Staley

University of Minnesota

The role of the intestinal microbiota in pathogenesis and clinical care

Oct 31

No seminar

Nov 7

Dustin Kemp

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Stability, flexibility, and functionality of thermally tolerant reef-building coral

Nov 14

Graduate Student Symposium

James Conrad

Harwood Lab

Does gene expression modulation in Vibrio vulnificus support habitat plasticity?

Jeanette Calarco

Harwood Lab

Antibiotic resistant pathogens in recycled water

Austin Smith

Kramer Lab

A comparison of machine learning methods to classify chukar establishment patterns in Washington state
Nov 21Karena NguyenHot Parasite Summer: Evaluating the effect of temperature on a human parasite and its snail intermediate host with implications for a changing climate
Nov 28


No seminar

Dec 05

Reading Day

No Seminar

USF Integrative Biology Seminar Series

Fall 2020

Seminars will be held virtually.  Please refer to the department-wide email for seminar links

Spring 2020

Past Seminars

Prevost Lab at USF

Sep 10

Stephen Deban

University of South Florida

Going Ballistic: Evolution of High-Performance Movement in Vertebrates

Sep 17



Sep 24

Sean Doody

University of South Florida

Invasive Cane Toads in Australia: Impacts, Control and Mitigation

Oct 1

Ryan McMinds
University of South Florida

The Limits of Cophylogeny

Oct 8

Jeanette Wyneken
Florida Atlantic University
Temperature, Torrents, and Turtle Traits

Oct 15

Jacobus (Jaap) de Roode

Emory University

Migration, Microbes and Medication in the Monarch Butterfly

Oct 22

Jennifer Garvin-Smith

University of Georgia

Top 5 writing flaws that can obscure good science (and how to avoid them)
Oct 29

John Angell

University of South Florida

Microbes and mud: Saltmarshes at the microscale

Nov 5

Jake Diamond​


Dissolved oxygen, regime shifts, and scaling the metabolism of flowing waters

Nov 12

Kevin Du Clos, Raul Gonzalez-Pech, Phil Morris

IB Postdoc Panel:


Nov 19

John Kominoski 

Florida International University


Jan 16

Faculty panel

Graduate students registered for the course, please see the Canvas announcement
Jan 23

Salvador Almagro-Moreno

University of Central Florida

Evolutionary approaches to unravel the emergence of pathogenic Vibrios


Jan 30

Disease Biology Candidate Seminar

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Feb 4

Disease Biology Candidate Seminar

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Feb 6

Disease Biology Candidate Seminar

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Feb 11

Disease Biology Candidate Seminar

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Feb 13

Mary Power​

University of California, Berkeley

Darwin Day Speaker

Chasing Epithemia-the desired diatom-from photons to food webs


Feb 20

Disease Biology Candidate Seminar

see email and flyer
Feb 27

Summer Decker

University of South Florida

Leveraging Medical Imaging for 3D Applications

Mar 5

​Kevin Du Clos

University of South Florida

Sink or swim: Insights into aquatic locomotion

Mar 12

Kerry Hamilton

Arizona State University

​​Quantifying the risks of antimicrobial resistance in water and wastewater environments

Mar 19

No seminar - Spring Break

Mar 26

Tiffany Troxler

Florida International University

Science to inform transformation toward a sustainable, resilient south Florida

Apr 2


Apr 9

Ilsa Kuffner

U.S. Geological Survey; St. Petersburg Coastal & Marine Science Center

Coral-reef restoration and Kintsugi, the art of repairing cracked pottery
Apr 16


Apr 23

Steve Hovick

The Ohio State University

The evolutionary ecology of biological invasions