Prevost Lab at USF



Jan 8th

Anna Sugiyama

Purdue University

Bridging basic and applied plant ecology: From species coexistence to tropical rainforest restoration.


Jan 10th

Nic Kooyers

​University of Louisiana at Lafayette

The ecological genetics underlying plant responses to changing climates: Facilitating adaptation or stagnation?


Jan 15th

Carter Berry

Chapman University

Deluge or drought: Exploring plant function and structure at the extremes
Jan 17th
Camilo Zalamea
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Plant-Soil-Microbial interactions: Consequences on plant performance and tree species distributions


Jan 24

No seminar


Jan 29

Geoff Cook

University of Central Florida

Quantifying connectivity and risk to inform decision-making in complex coastal ecosystems


Jan 31

No seminar


Feb 7

Verena Schoepf

University of Western Australia

Coral reefs under rapid climate change and ocean acidification – will they persist?


Feb 12

John Parkinson 
SECORE International

Coral-algal Symbioses: Evolution in the Anthropocene


Feb 14

Nancy Huntly

Utah State University

Darwin Day Speaker

Putting People into the Web of Nature: Exploring the deep history of resilience in the Gulf of Alaska and building future resilience through collaboration


Feb 19

Mike Gil 
University of California, Davis
How collective behavior can shape ecosystems


Feb 21

No seminar


Feb 28

No seminar


March 7

Kelli Carter

University of South Florida

Investigating student conceptual understanding of structure and function by using formative assessment and automated scoring models  
March 14Spring Break
March 21Heidi Bissell
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment​

Aardvarks to zebra sharks: Big data mining to improve zoo and wild animal health
March 28No seminar
April 4

Adam Summers

University of Washington

BGSO Invited Speaker

April 11No seminar
April 18

Yianni Lagos


CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing to Treat Citrus Diseases  

Fall 2018
Thursdays 3:30pm; 


USF Integrative Biology Seminar Series

Spring 2019

Please double check the date as seminars are held on Tuesday or Thursday.

Time: 12:30pm

Location: CMC 147

Past Seminars


Aug 23

ISA 2051

Matthew Cohen

University of Florida

The Stoichiometry of Primary Production in Florida’s Springs

Aug 30

CIS 1016

Luanna Prevost

University of South Florida

Automated assessment to examine biology students' thinking: Fostering instructional change

Sep 6


Emily Kane

Georgia Southern University

Coordination is key, or is it? What a tiny, boring fish is telling us about how animals are built

Sep 13


Karen Levy

Emory University

Untangling the potential impacts of climate change on waterborn diseases
Sep 20

Mark Hurst

​Southwest Florida Water Management District

Recovering the past….Protecting the future: Water resources in south central Florida
Sep 27

Nick Keiser

University of Florida

Disentangling host behavior and social context in disease ecology
Oct 4Reed Noss
Southeastern Grasslands Initiative, Florida Institute for Conservation Science
Florida needs fire! Fire ecology of Florida and the southeastern coastal plain
Oct 11

Vanessa Ezenwa

University of Georgia

Social living and parasite infection revisited
Oct 18

David Wake
University California Berkeley

All species are lineages, but are all lineages species?
Oct 25

Felicia Keesing

​Bard College

Consequences of integrating livestock and wildlife in an African savanna
Nov 1

David Blackburn

University of Florida

The diversity and evolution of frogs
Nov 8CanceledCanceled
Nov 15

Clare Dennison

University of South Florida

Research in the IB  Electron Microscope Core Facilities Lab
Nov 22No Seminar - Thanksgiving
Nov 29No Seminar - Reading Day